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How do I find the right commercial real estate advisor?

Avoid the “Two Show” agent who shows up to show the property and shows up to collect their commission.  When choosing the right commercial agent, the process can be time consuming but the worth it in the long run.  What you are looking for is an advisor who adds value to the transaction. At Kimball Commercial Real Estate we are not transaction oriented agents, but rather trusted Commercial Real Estate advisors to both landlords and tenants alike.

 You would not go to court without an attorney! You would not face a Revenue Canada officer without your accountant!  Then why would you lease or buy a commercial property worth hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars without a qualified real estate professional representing your best interest?  Hiring a qualified commercial real estate advisor just makes simple economic sense. The cost of making a mistake in a commercial real estate transaction is very high and in addition to the opportunities a good advisor can bring to you many deals that may not be listed or on the market which makes their input invaluable.  So making the right choice of in selecting your real estate advisor should be paramount and the first step in venturing into the world of commercial real estate.  This is sound advice for the first time participant or even if you have been a seasoned real estate investor or user who has been going it alone.


You need to view the relationship with your commercial real estate advisor as a partnership not only through the closing of a lease or purchase deal, but for ongoing concerns in regards to the asset.  The role of the advisor goes well beyond just finding the right property and negotiating the best price for you.  A good commercial advisor will also assist you whenever you have a dispute with your landlord and in reviewing what a lease clause means, audit invoices from your landlord for issues like annual operating expenses, and so many other areas that usually arise over the course of a lease or after a purchase.   If your advisor cannot perform these added value services or does not choose to assist you then maybe it is time to look elsewhere.  Over the past ten years we have worked with numerous clients who needed to do a workout on a lease or in some cases renegotiate with their lender on their deal.

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